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Call the Midwife” creator Heidi Thomas has spoken out about the future of the popular BBC drama.

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In a new interview, the writer revealed that the show could run until the 1970s, although they do not know what plans the BBC has for the program beyond seasons 12 and 13.

Did you catch up on Series 11?

“I think, in principle, it could go back to the 1970s,” she told the , before explaining that the Order of Nuns, on which the nuns of the Nonnatus House are based, remained in East London until 1976.

“There are so many stories to tell, medically, socially, even emotionally, and I think we could move on,” she continued. “The limitation I would make is that at the moment we are only contracted for series 12, which we have half finished filming, and series 13, which we will do next year.

“And beyond that, we don’t know what the BBC’s plans are, so yes, we would be waiting for news from them, I think.“

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Season 12, which is currently filming, will introduce some interesting storylines and even pick up characters from previous series again.

the series could run until the 1970s

In the same interview, Heidi revealed that the show will deal with the thalidomide tragedy, a plot that was first presented in the fourth season. She said that the Mullucks family will return to the screens in season 12, and Rhonda expects to have another baby.

The 59-year-old creator explained that the new pregnancy “puts them under a certain pressure and gives them a lot of worries”.

She added: “We haven’t actually been to this family for five years, so we’re picking up the pieces for them and it makes for a very special Christmas special.“

Heidi teased Lucille some sadness ahead

Fans can also brace for heartbreak for sister Lucille Anderson, played by Leonie Elliott. Heidi teased the upcoming series, dropping a hint that the beloved nurse will have to deal with some difficult times.

“When you’re looking forward to Christmas and after Christmas, something pretty wonderful happens to Trixie,” she began, before adding: “Lucille has to deal with a fair amount of sadness, and what else can I say? We have a new nun who will be joining the lineup, Sister Veronica.“

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Richard Fleeshman call the midwife

Anthony “Tony” Amos was a young expectant father who was featured in Series 4, Episode 3. He is portrayed by Richard Fleeshman. Tony Amos call the midwife

Anthony “Tony” Amos was a young expectant father who was featured in Series 4, Episode 3. He is portrayed by Richard Fleeshman.




The couple eventually decide to find a flat together and Patsy moves out of Nonnatus House. Tragically, just after they moved, Delia was involved in a traffic accident in the Series Four finale, leaving her with amnesia and no memory of Patsy.

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