A Comprehensive Guide on Online Business Manager

A Comprehensive Guide on Online Business Manager

In this comprehensive guide on the online business manager concept, you are going to learn every detail about this new industry. Whether you are looking for an employee or believe that you have found an interesting opportunity to make money, this guide will be quite helpful for you. In the first sections, we have shared valuable information about the concept.

You are going to find detailed information about how you can be an online business manager in the following section. Towards the end of this guide, those who are looking for OBMs to hire will find valuable information. So, let’s stop wasting time and start our guide.

What is an online business manager? 

The online business manager is a new concept that became popular in recent years. The main reason why this new profession emerged is many businesses began to invest in e-commerce and other online operations. As a result, they want to hire people who already have experience in this field. This will not only help them to improve their success but also business owners have enough time to continue their operations as they used to do.

OBMs take care of different operations in businesses such as project management, operation management, metrics management, and people management. In general, they charge you hourly but depending on your agreement, different payment plans can be negotiated. If you have experience in online operations, you can also offer your expertise as an OBM and start making money! It will be worth noting that OBM is a freelancer job that aims to complete more than three or four tasks at a time. Thus, multitasking is one of the indispensable features of

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what does an online business manager do? 


Online Business Manager Job Description

We have briefly shared information about what is an OBM in the previous section. In this part, you are going to find detailed information about the online business manager job description. It will be worth noting there are some major differences between online business managers and virtual assistants, which we will discuss in the following heading. If you are familiar with virtual assistant services, then you can easily get this concept too. Although there are major differences, especially in how they work and their authority over the business, in the end, they almost work for the same purpose.

However, as an online business manager, you are going to have more responsibility. You will need to work with other employees of the company to ensure success in online operations. Due to the nature of this profession, you are going to deal with many drawbacks such as old employees will not be a volunteer to listen to your advice or receive orders from you. Your synergy with the current employees will determine the success or failure of yourself and your efforts.

Differences Between VA and OBM

The main difference between virtual assistants and online business managers is the responsibility they take over their shoulders. While virtual assistants will only do whatever their bosses ask for, you are going to be some kind of company partner while working as an online business manager. Moreover, while the duties of virtual assistants are predetermined tasks that are given by the people who hire them, you may need to face new challenges while you are trying to achieve your goals as an OBM. In general, OBMs have more potential to earn more money while virtual assistants usually work for a standard fee that they negotiate at the beginning of the deal.

There is also a huge difference between the required skillsets. You do not have to have plenty of skills to be a virtual assistant. If you have that required skill, it will be enough for you to be hired. On the other hand, online business managers need to have a combination of plenty of skills. As you will deal with the online operations of the business, you will also be responsible for the current employees and product or service supply. In addition to this, multi-tasking is one of the must-have skills for online business managers.

How to Be a Certified Online Business Manager?

There are no official institutions that offer this certification yet. However, this does not mean that there will not be any in the future. Since this is a new position, experience matters more than a certification. You may want to start working as an online business manager is small projects to gain some experience. Of course, some websites claim that they offer certification programs for those who are interested in OBM, however, none of these certifications have legal validity. You need to convince your possible employer that you are capable of what he or she is looking or asking for.

Online Business Manager
Online Business Manager

Having some certifications will not do any harm to your career too. However, we do not recommend paying thousands of dollars for any certification that does not have any legal validity. If you find a free course that promises you a certification, you can give it a try. In fact, you can also pay a little amount of money to have the certification. Without a doubt, this will help you to land more deals since some people may not be aware of this fact and they may tend to hire people with certifications.

Can You Make Money as an OBM?

Many people used to believe that being a virtual assistant would not help them to make money in the long run. However, today virtual assistants are one of the professions that earn the most money among other freelance professions. This is why there is a huge potential in terms of earning money as an online business manager. In fact, we believe that OBMs can easily earn much more money than virtual assistants. When considering the amazing speed in the e-commerce industry, it seems like they will not have to wait for a long time to enjoy their profitable business. The number of businesses that are looking for people to hire as an OBM is already quite large.

Of course, networking will also determine your potential in making money. In addition to this, your background, as well as your current skills, will also determine the money you are going to make from this business. As you can work with a single business at a time, you can also work for multiple companies. This is totally up to you and your agreement with your employers. We believe that working with multiple companies will be more beneficial for OBMs since you will have more opportunities in terms of networking.

How to Become an Online Business Manager?

As we previously mentioned, there are no legal certifications. If you already have a great network, you can easily find a job in line with your skills. However, in case you have not worked as a freelance before, you can visit popular freelancer websites such as Fiverr, and Freelancer. These platforms meet freelancers and people who are looking for people with specific skillsets. Landing your first job may not be an easy task but this should not discourage you from your efforts. If you know another language, your chances to be hired as an online business manager will be much higher. This is why you may want to invest time in a new language too.

In addition to the freelancer platforms, you can also use your own circle to be an online business manager. If you know people who run businesses and want to expand their operations online, then you can offer them a collaboration. This will officially make you an OBM. Your chances to be hired as an OBM will increase while you are already serving another company. If you be successful in your current job, you can use it as proof of your online business management skills.

The Skills You Need to Be an Online Business Manager

We have mentioned multi-tasking twice till here. Let it make three and emphasize the importance of multi-tasking as an online business manager. It is the most crucial skill for your new profession since you are going to deal with multiple things at once. Your success in handling these multiple tasks will determine your overall success too. In addition to this, you also need to have great communication skills. OBMs must generate reports regularly and inform their employers. This will help you to keep working in that position for a long time and let your employer know what you are doing.

Besides great communication skills, you also need to be a great team player. Although all the responsibility will be on your shoulders, you will feed yourself from the people around you. If you can show your employees, you are a great team player, they will be motivated and open to communication. This will make everything easier for you and share the burden of all the responsibilities you have. No need to mention that all these skills are closely related to the outcome of your efforts. You also need to be aspiring and ambitious to meet your and business goals in time.

What Should You Expect as an Online Business Manager?

Although being an online business manager looks very tempting, you may need to work a lot more when compared to a 9 to 5 job. Many people believe that freelancers just work for a few hours a day and earn millions in a year. The fact is just the opposite. A frustrating and tiring process will be waiting for you while working as an OBM. However, the reward of this profession is quite tempting too. In case you do not have the required skills as well as time management skills, then it is highly possible that you are going to fail.

As an online business manager, you need to expect to work hard, deal with annoying people or ambitious employers who believe that your every minute belongs to them. You must be prepared for such people in advance. Of course, you are going to meet with good people during the process. It is important to create great connections which will allow you to work for multiple businesses at a time and multiply your income. If you will manage to improve the sales or returns in online operations, your rewards will be quite high. As a result, you will love your job more.

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online business manager

Online Business Manager Tools

Online business management tools can vary depending on the industry you are going to work in. In addition to this, the partnerships you are going to form during the process can also affect the tools you will need. In general, a good OBM should perform his or her own SEO analysis. To do so, you will need to benefit from different SEO tools available on the internet. Some of these tools are paid and you need to get ready to spend some money to improve your services.

If you are going to run the website of the business, you will also need some coding skills. There are various tools that can facilitate your efforts and help you to code better products. Marketing and analysis tools will be quite beneficial for you too. Of course, you will not have to use any of these tools on your own in case you will outsource them. As you can guess, this will increase your costs, but you will have more time to focus on managerial tasks. To put it simply, there are dozens of online business management tools that you can prefer depending on your planning and budget.

Online Business Manager Contract

It is important to sign a contract between you as an online business manager and the person who is going to hire you. This contract will define the limitations of your duties and guarantee the money you are going to get in exchange for your services. You can easily find different contracts that you can edit on the internet. You need to search for freelancer contracts. Since online business managers can take over a wide range of services, you may need to use a completely different contract every time. This is why make sure that you will edit it according to the expectations of your boss.

It is important to remember to include all the details that your future boss may ask you to take care of. In addition to this, it will be great for you to include all the possible services you are going to benefit from. In this way, you can charge your future boss when you outsource these services. This will help you to use fewer online business management tools so that you can focus on your daily tasks and managerial tasks more. Just keep in mind that there is no uniform contract that you can use for each job.

Online Business Manager Services

As the name suggests online business managers are responsible for the online operations of businesses or brands. This is why all the services you are going to provide are generally related to online operations. If a business is planning to increase its sales, then you may want to make its products available on different marketplaces. If a business is planning to reach a wider audience, then you may want to publish ads on different social media platforms or ad networks such as Google or Facebook. The services you are going to provide will also vary according to the needs and expectations of each business.

However, these services will not be limited to the above-mentioned services. You can make a detailed research on how to expand the operations of the business you are going to work for. OBMs need to check for new platforms and opportunities to increase their chances to be successful. In this regard, you will have to be in constant search. We highly recommend you follow the developments in the online world and invest in new skills related to the developments in technology. If you always keep yourself up to date, your chances to be successful in your new profession will be higher.

Tips & Tricks for Online Business Managers

In this part of our online business manager guide, we are going to share some tips and tricks that you may want to know. We believe that this part will be useful for those who want to be an OBM. However, people who already serve in this position can also get a better understanding of the online business manager job description by checking this information. Please note that each business is unique and as a result, their needs and expectations will be unique. So, you will have to act in this regard.

In the following sub-headings, you are going to find some basic recommendations. Following these will help you to understand the nature of this job very well. Moreover, you can easily determine a career path for yourself. Although the following information can be considered general info, understanding, and applying them will make you determine what kind of businesses you are going to work with. Make sure that you choose, design, and focus on the things that align with your skills. Otherwise, achieving success may be a quite challenging thing for you. So, let’s take a look at four main factors that you need to pay attention to.

Choosing the Right Field as an OBM

It is important to define your limitations. If you are planning to sell goods and services on the internet for brands and businesses, then you have to directly focus on this topic. Once you master your skills in this area and work with at least one brand, you can expand your operations for other areas. However, we do not recommend you do anything else unless you guarantee your income with at least one business. Of course, online operations do not only mean selling goods and services. You can also plan to promote products or services or attract more customers to the website of businesses.

Diving into a niche category, which you have no idea about, may only result in failure. This is why if you have any expertise, make sure that the industry you are going to prefer will be compatible with your experience and skills. In this way, you can easily land better deals for yourself. This will also dramatically increase your chances to be successful. As a result, you will get more and more jobs in the future as an online business manager. If you have no experience in online businesses, don’t worry, it is not a must.

Designing Strategies as an OBM

As we mentioned before, every business is unique, and they have unique needs and expectations. You should not forget that every person is also unique too. Your strategy should be original. Of course, you can benefit from some proven techniques and strategies. However, you need to show something different to your future boss so that he may want to keep working with you on future projects. Since you are going to deal with many people, depending on the size of the business, you may already make some changes on proven techniques and strategies according to these facts.

There are many promotions and sales techniques that you can find sources on the internet. It will be a great idea to take your time and study on them. By combining some of the proven techniques, you can create a completely new one depending on the expectations and needs of your new boss. In general, defining these strategies from your mind will not work unless you have years of experience in the field. Therefore, it will be great for you to rely on some of the basics of defining a strategy. In this way, you can also inform your boss about what you are going to do with his or her business and why you are going to take these actions.

Running the Online Platforms as an OBM

As a crucial part of your job description, you need to manage and run all the online platforms as an OBM. Businesses and brands will hire you mainly for this reason. If you have no idea about the online platforms including how to build or edit a website, run a store on any marketplace, or manage social media accounts, then you are not eligible for this position. Running these platforms will not even be enough since you will need to develop new ideas and create engaging content that will serve your goals.

Of course, you can outsource these services, however, this will increase your costs dramatically. Even you will not be able to build a website on your own, you need to understand the basic concepts. Any failure in the services you outsource will cause a delay in your plans. As a result, you will fail to accomplish your tasks and goals in the long run. If the idea of having control over these media or learning these concepts is not a good one for you, then you may want to look for other job opportunities.

Focusing on Online Marketing as an OBM

Whether your goals will be increasing sales or brand awareness, online marketing will be a crucial part of your efforts. You can create the perfect website or online system. However, you will not get any results if you will not make sure that these systems will meet with the potential audience. There are many online business management courses you can enroll in to learn the basics of online marketing. Only this section alone can take months to master. Needless to say, you need to follow the developments in the industry to keep yourself up to date.

Trends always change in online platforms. This is why you also need to follow the current trends and news. Taking advantage of these trends will definitely provide a great bonus for your efforts. They will also make it easier for you to achieve the goals you are going to determine together with your future boss. Google Ads and Facebook Ad Manager are two platforms that dominate the market. If you master your skills in these platforms, you will be able to reach ninety-nine percent of the online audience with minimum effort. As you can guess, this will facilitate everything for you to accomplish your goals and tasks.

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online business manager rate

What Are Online Business Manager Rates?

If you are ready to offer your services and skills to people who need them, you may want to learn more about online business manager rates. Although there are many articles about these rates on the internet, you should not stick with any of them. We have mentioned that every business has unique needs and expectations. You need to determine your own rate according to the requests of the businesses. Make sure that you will not accept anything which will worth your time. It is always a great idea to negotiate over the price, but you need to set your principles in advance.

Usually, most online business managers also ask for a percentage fee over the sales. For example, if you are going to sell the products of a business on marketplaces, you can negotiate over a certain percentage. Let’s say that a business is selling pillows for 20 dollars. In addition to the fixed fee, you can also ask for ten percent from each sale you are going to make on marketplaces. Most of the business owners will welcome such offers since they will be aware that you will pay more effort when you also earn a percentage from each sale.

What Are Online Business Manager Packages?

It is always a good idea to check out the prices of other online business managers. Some of them have their own website where they share the special packages, they offer to business owners. Checking them will give an overall idea about how much you can ask for. Needless to say, the prices and trends may vary depending on where you live. You can also start your own website with a great landing page where you can offer different packages for business owners.

We believe that allowing business owners to customize their packages depending on their needs and expectations will be a great bonus. Thus, you may direct the business owners to contact you. In this way, your chances to be hired will be maximized since they can negotiate with you over the price. Charging or asking for the same pricing for all jobs may not be a good idea. This will only confuse the business owners and decrease your prices. Also, if you are planning to ask for a percentage of the sales, you need to keep your prices lower than other online business managers. Keep in mind that your potential to earn will significantly increase when you start to sell the goods on marketplaces.

Where Can You Hire Online Business Managers?

If you are a business owner and looking for a way to hire online business managers, this section is for you. Thanks to the internet, you can easily find hundreds of online business managers. As you can visit their personal websites and social media accounts, you can also find dozens of them on online freelancer platforms such as Freelancer or Fiverr. Finding a new online business manager will not be a big deal for you but hiring the right one should be.

You need to pay attention to the background, experience, skills, and many other factors while hiring an online business manager. One of the most important things that you need to consider is the experience of that specific OBM in your industry. You may not want to work with someone who has no idea about the special needs of your industry, products, or services. Such an online business manager will also fail in communicating with your potential audience. Since this is a new profession, you may want to give a chance to new OMBs, who have not much experience in this field but already took part in certain online operations.


Online business management is a new concept that emerged as a result of the increasing e-commerce volume due to the pandemic. If you are looking for a job opportunity, this is the right time to be an OBM. On the other hand, if you are looking for ways to expand your operations to online platforms, it is also the best time to hire an online business manager. This is a win-win situation for both parties, which can be quite fruitful in the long term.

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